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Literate Nation’s Mission

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Literate Nation’s Mission is to empower our nation’s citizens with the literacy skills needed to thrive in the dynamic, global environment of the 21st century.

Literate Nation’s Vision

Literate Nation’s Vision is to propel the systemic changes necessary for a fully literate America by providing the country with the most comprehensive, cross-disciplinary resources, strategic initiatives, and leadership available. In so doing, Literate Nation will create an accessible, highly informed, broad-based platform that can support and advance teachers’ knowledge, and ensure every student becomes literate, educated, career ready, and able to seek opportunities and contribute to his or her own life.

Our Six Core Values

At Literate Nation we live our principles, for they underlie our actions and define how we behave in the world. Our Core Values are as follows:

Leadership: We have the courage, at this historical juncture, to lead and shape a better future through world-class literacy and education for all children, for social justice, for equal rights and opportunities.

Integrity: We have conviction that we must exemplify our transformative purposes with transparency, at all times, by embracing the success of every teacher, of each student, and of America’s collective human capital.

Collaboration: We will build alliances and leverage knowledge across disciplines and organizations to support teachers and fuel the future of all children so they may seize opportunities to live their dreams.

Passion: We freely commit our experience, our intelligence, and our united energies to make literacy a reality for all young citizens.

Trust: We pledge to trust, respect, and support each other and our partners in meeting the goals of Literate Nation, and to be held accountable for all our actions.

Gratitude: We are deeply grateful for our skill sets and personalities, which allow us to work together well, to be inclusive, to break down barriers, and to unite behind the common goals to secure a literate America.

Literate Nation’s Organization

lnlogoLiterate Nation is a non-profit organization [501(c)(3)] that exemplifies a call to action, cultural movement for student literacy. The organization was begun by a group of citizens, educators, and scientists in 2012.

The organization is committed to the achievement of three goals:

1) That the U.S. education system reclaims its world-class leadership role in student literacy and educational achievement.

2) That students are adequately prepared to add to America’s greatest asset—its human capital. That they become reading literate, math literate, science literate and career literate, able to successfully compete in the global workforce and contribute to the United States GDP.

3) That the combined goals above will, above all else, create happier, more productive people in which everyone is capable of seeking opportunities and paving the way for generations to come.

Towards these ends, Literate Nation unifies, empowers, and inspires positive educational change that will advance state-of-the-art literacy policy in every state; provide the most comprehensive professional knowledge and implementation skills on language and reading literacy development for all teachers; and, propel strong, school-based leadership capable of safe guarding so that all students of the United States are prepared to become lifelong learners and contributors to the vibrant, evolving society of the 21st century.

Literate Nation’s Structure:

Governance: Literate Nation is governed by a CEO, President, and Board of Directors (BOD) . The CEO sets the vision for the organization, serves as the chairman of the board, and is the external voice for Literate Nation’s mission. The President provides leadership, direction, and management to the officers of the organization and the group vice presidents, along with external representation and funding strategies. The BOD is comprised of members from each Core Group and outside expertise. The BOD has a minimum of seven to a maximum of fifteen people, and seeks annual rotation of new members. Board seats are occupied with expertise in the following fields: Literacy, Education, Law, Finance, Media, Marketing, Fundraising, Public Relations, Operations, Sciences, Technology, etc. The Board has an initial board term of two years with opportunity for multiple terms.

Core Groups: Literate Nation has four core working groups—Science, Advocacy, Media, and Operations. Each Core Group is empowered with full responsibility and authority to achieve objectives in building an asset base for Literate Nation. Each Core Group Vice President reports directly to the President and the Board of Directors. They are responsible for setting and achieving strategic and tactical objectives each quarter and annually.

Core Groups’ Vision-Purpose Statements

Science Core Group supports all constituents’ needs for science-based literacy knowledge and best practices. This group researches, writes, integrates, translates, and disseminates the cross-disciplinary science of literacy learning in order to provide succinct, trustworthy guidance for parents, policy makers, teachers, school-based leaders, institutes of higher education, educational leaders, and stakeholders as they work to implement knowledge to practice in our nations’ schools.

Advocacy Core Group provides leadership and coordination across and between organizations and grassroots literacy teams. Its primary goal is to deliver essential strategies, tactics, guidance, resources, tools, and information needed to ensure improved literacy outcomes for all students who struggle to learn to read, are economically disadvantaged, are English learners, and/ or students with dyslexia and specific reading disabilities and language impairment (SEEDS). Literate Nation’s Advocacy Group is the go-to organization for literacy expertise.

Media Core Group advances Literate Nation’s mission and supports the work of  the Science and Advocacy Core Groups by disseminating and broadcasting compelling, accessible, multidisciplinary, and data-validated messages across traditional and new-media platforms. The thrust of this messaging promotes credible literacy instruction and endorses strong legislation to secure literacy proficiency for every student across the nation.

Operations Core Group supports the work of the organization by coordinating workflow, the product pipeline, the development of new products, the budget, as well as the reporting requirements for external projects.  In addition, the Operations Core Group provides the bases for internal communications and meetings, and identifies and seeks assistance in areas needing additional resources to fulfill the mission of Literate Nation.

Mission in Action

Literate Nation will unify widespread partners to empower and inspire educational change that entails building the capacity and will to ignite movements across the country.

Empower Change—Literate Nation will build partnerships to mobilize the stakeholder-influencer networks that promote the highest standards for teacher professional knowledge/skill and student outcomes. We will vet, curate, and disseminate the information, messages, and tools needed to empower:

Stakeholders/Partners (e.g., parents, business, communities, educators, policy makers, students) to mandate and drive science-based literacy reform

Teachers to deploy effective literacy practices in their classrooms with skill and fidelity

Education leaders to implement across foundational systems (e.g., teacher competency, data systems, organizational supports, leadership, family) the processes and stepping stones needed to initiate and sustain optimal language and reading development and the effective reading/literacy instruction needed to attain it from early childhood through secondary schools.

Inspire ChangeLiterate Nation will alert the public to the existing and impending threats to our country’s economic and political future that are the consequences of U.S. education’s well-documented “diminishing returns”. We seek to achieve such change by delivering messages infused by the elements of story. We will explicitly leverage the medium and framework of storytelling within the tools of social media to:

      • Impart a sense of urgency around a call to action, a call to unite and transform what is and is not happening in the American classroom
      • Connect at an experiential and personal level with our constituencies by illustrating for them the elements of their own trajectory or journey—progressing from where they are to what they must do/know to reach a better place Lend emotional power to data
      • Generate a sense intolerance for the status quo, articulate a powerful vision of a more promising future, provide clear roadmaps and actionable game plans for moving forward, and inspire with success stories
      • Build a movement around a shared vision and campaign.

In so doing, we aim to ignite a movement to demand and support positive educational change by inspiring stakeholders and influence-makers to partner with Literate Nation to help drive, implement, and sustain evidenced-based literacy reform.