Literate Nation Re-publishing Guidelines


Yes, please do pass along our content!

Yes, we do copyright our material, but we also believe in a free flow of information. All our content promotes the change needed to improve U.S. reading instruction, particularly for our vulnerable SEEDS children. Unless noted otherwise, our online articles and most of our print materials are free. You only need to credit us, link to us, and refrain from editing or selling our material.

Republishing Guidelines (online and print):

  • Unless you have express permission, you may not edit our material.
  • You must credit our authors, maintaining any bylines that accompany our articles.
  • Online: You must credit Literate Nation, ideally at the top of the article with our logo, and link back to either our home page ( or the specific article URL on our website or in our publication (e.g., Catalyst).
  • Online: If space is limited, you may run the first few lines of our article, then include: “Read the complete article from Literate Nation here,” with a link back to the article page on our site.
  • In Print: At the bottom of the article, include this permission statement:

Copyright © ____ (include the year our article was published by us) Literate Nation. All Rights Reserved. This article originally was published in _____ (cite publication source). Reprinted with permission from Literate Nation (

  • In Print: Permission is not required for excerpts less than 250 words, though proper citation must be included (follow APA guidelines).
  • You may put our articles on pages with ads, but may not sell our material.
  • You may republish specific articles, but may not republish all our articles systematically.

Linking and Frames:

  • We love referrals, mentions, and links to our site, our articles, and our authors.
  • You may link to Literate Nation’s homepage and incorporate our logo into online or print material, provided this does not cast us in a false or misleading light.

Our homepage link:

  • You may not frame the content of our website.

Links to Other Sites:

Literate Nation may link to other websites we think may be helpful to you and we link to all our partners’ sites. Each site is governed by its own user agreements and policy policies. Be aware when you leave our site for another one.


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