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In this issue of Catalyst

Rich Long, Literate Nation’s president, writes in the lead article about how building a reading culture can help bridge the reading divide. We hear from Rich in two other features—his notes from the recent congressional hearing on dyslexia (with a link to the archived webcast) and two recent web-radio programs in which he was interviewed about solutions to our nation’s literacy challenges. Follow the links to hear those programs.

This issue of Catalyst also features an update from Rich and from Elenn Steinberg (Literate Nation Vice President, Advocacy Core Group) about our two upcoming boot camps (one live in Denver; one virtual) October 17-19 as well as a video brief from our Virginia boot camp September 26-28. We also have an in-depth white paper—“Beyond Literacy Legislation: Implementation Is Key—Lessons from Colorado, Connecticut, and Minnesota,” from Susan Smart, (Literate Nation Vice President, Science Core Group). Finally, we have a wonderful infographic—“Birth to Career in a Literate Nation”—from our Creative Director, Eric Berendt.

In short, this issue is packed with great content (all of which you can access below) to help us put our collective shoulder to the daunting but doable task of bringing effective reading instruction to every child in every classroom across the nation!

Carolyn D. Cowen, Catalyst Editor


by Richard Long, Ed.D., Literate Nation President

We can make a difference for all of our vulnerable SEEDS children

Equity is not an abstract idea when one is talking about whether or not your own child can read. Learning to read is one of the fundamental tools that will determine whether or not your child and all of our children are successful. This is clear to anyone who has noticed that we have moved from a muscle based factory and farming society…


Dr. Long reports from the Congressional Hearing on Dyslexia
A video report on the recent Literate Nation Virginia Boot Camp
LN President Richard Long, in two new, radio interviews
Legislation is not enough to solve the ongoing U.S. literacy crisis
Starting kids in the reading habit early has lasting results
Blueprint for a Literate Nation has solutions to U.S. literacy crisis